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Discover Adventures on straddie with a Cultural twist

North Stradbroke Island has plenty to offer the adventurous visitor of all ages. The tour business "Straddie Adventures", specialise in Bay Kayaking, Sand Boarding and can link you to Four Wheel Drive Tours with a difference.
Our business is owned and operated by Traditional Owners of Quandamooka who live on a place people call "Minjerribah" (North Stradbroke Island).
We will take you on an experience into territory known as "Quandamooka", sharing, demonstrating & teaching our Aboriginal Kulcha passed on through the generations.

our lore

  • 1.
    This is my Aboriginal Culture

    My LORE is based on actively participating & practice many times over with adjustments & change, what I’ve been taught, what I’ve learnt and then what I now teach. This has come from many people from many cultures in my life over many years. This is who I am, This is my Aboriginal Culture, This is my LORE.

  • 2.
    Generations Past, Present & Future

    My Son’s & Daughter’s and Grandchildren and their children after that, will now benefit from my learning’s and teachings. We evolve with adjustments and change because what faces us now, as we learn from the past, in the present and that will prepare us for the future.

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    Our Many Values

    We hold many values, views & opinions that differ, we learn different values, views & opinions and that is what makes us different. No one but I/WE make the decisions for my family, no one can dictate, what I/WE do or how I/WE do it, and this is Our Aboriginality, Our Culture, Our Intellect & Our LORE

our story

We have a Responsibility & Right under our Cultural LORE

To Teach, Demonstrate & get People to Experience ‘My Kulcha’. I have hunted & gather cultural resources since I was a little boy with my dad Glen Jones and older brother Allan Jones. We got taught to catch mud crabs in the mangroves & sand crabs, fish, gather quanpee’s, eugaries here on Straddie. Dad and our mum’s father our grandfather Richard ‘Dicky’ Perry taught us how to survive from the land & sea. We learnt to use a spear, a net and help the fishermen regularly as well as going out fishing in a dinghy by ourselves to feed the family. As a teenager I was taught how to hunt Dugong by dad’s brother in-law Uncle Sid Coolwell and dad’s brother-cousin Uncle Kenny Murphy. Still today I hunt with Uncles Sid’s son, my brother-cousin Fred Coolwell. We continue this practice by handing these skills onto our children and now my grandchildren are hunting & gather our cultural resources. With turtle my brother & I would bring 1 or 2 home after the fishermen had netted and our Grand Uncle Walter Tippo taught us the skill of cutting turtle up the way he was shown and I now show my children, grandchildren and the boys who come hunting how to cut up. Hunting & Gather cultural resources, has been a continual cultural activity practice I’ve been apart of since the late 1960’s as a child and still now I continue with my children and grandchildren.
United Nations Declaration on rights of indigenous peoples

mark j


Recently we were over on Stradbroke Island filming with the The Offroad Adventure Show a new part of this years show called family hot spot, my family & I got to spend some time with the Jones family who own & operate Straddie Adventures. We got to go sandboarding, kayaking & hand spearing & then eat what we caught. The whole cultural & traditional experience for my mob was amazing. A special thanks to Mark, Brandon & Annie awesome stuff guys can highly recommend this to anyone.

Jamie Hazelden,Off Road Adventure Show

Off Road Adventure Show








Hi Tash,
I just want to say a huge THANK YOU for giving me the opportunity to experience Straddie Adventures over the weekend! They kayaking and sand boarding were fantastic, and lunch was an experience I’ll never forget. We all feel so privileged to have gained such an insight into your culture, and I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with our readers!

Please pass on my thanks to your dad and the rest of the team!
Thanks again,